Try a cockring

What is a cock ring?
A cock ring, the name says it all, it’s a ring for your dick. He makes your dick harder and it feels more intens. Chill! Some men also wear it as jewelry or because they find it horny and kinky. Cock rings have been around for centuries, by the way. Around the year 1200 it was already talked about by horny primals. But those rings were probably made of stone. Or wood. Ouch.

Rock hard
A cock ring goes around the base (the beginning) of your dick, it stays tight there. You can also choose to put your entire scrotum through it as well. Some guys like that, so maybe you do too. Or not at all. So it’s a matter of trying. Because such a ring is quite tight, it pinches your dick a bit. As a result, all the blood that has collected in your throbbing rod can no longer go away. And it keeps your erection longer.

How do you place it?
Put a little lube on the inside of the ring and on your dick. Slide the cock ring around your flaccid or not quite stiff penis. If you use an adjustable or stretchable ring, it can also be slid around your hard dick. Slide it all the way to the base of your penis, against your stomach or the of pubic hair that grows there (if you have some). The ring pulls itself tight as the dick gets hard and thick. It’s supposed to be tight, but not so tight that you feel like your dick is dying. Anyway: if things hurt, turns purple or get crazy shapes, it is NOT good and you should take it off immediately. You can just keep it on during sex. If your dick becomes limp again after cumming, you can slide it off.

Watch out!
Like we said, a purple throbbing dick about to burst is no good. So don’t use it for too long at a time. Then your blood vessels are pinched and there is a chance of permanent damage. A cock ring that is too tight is also dangerous, so make sure it is not too small. A handy guideline is to use it for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time. And don’t fish it out of your bedside table every day, but do it every now and then.

The choice is yours
Are you going to put a ring around your dick for the first time? Then it is best to opt for a silicone cock ring. They are soft and stretchy. So less chance of beginner accidents. So less chance of pain. And you can put them on if you have a flaccid dick, but also if it’s hard. Ideal! If you have a little experience, you can opt for a metal (stainless steel) cock ring. It is then very fucking important to buy the right size. It does not yield and can cause damage to your nerves if it is (much) too small. Are you going to use it with your babe? Then choose a vibrating cock ring. It makes you both vibrate on your legs to cum. Ready for next level fucking? Then there is also, for example, a cock ring with WiFi. Jup. With wifi. Ok, now go try it out!! All porn vids with sex toys are here btw :p