Can I only log in with Twitter?

We love Twitter so much that it is our default and only way to log in. So, Yes…. Yes you can.

Can I upload my own videos?

No, you can not. We only work with confirmed studios and creators through al sort of ways BUT, you can upload a picture of you on our forum! Just look for the ‘expose yourself’ category.

What happens with my data?

Nothing, not a damn thing.

Can I be a Admin on the forum?

You can apply! Just email: hello@adultfanpage.com

Do I need to be older than 18 for this site?

Yeah kiddo, you do!

I want to delete my login/account on this site. Now what?

Email to hello@adultfanpage.com with your info and where you logged in. (straight – gay – trans) We will do the rest.